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by Kayla Reagan

March 2019

Conceived and Composed by Kayla Reagan

bloom: a junior recital was a sound installation devised by Kayla Reagan as her junior recital as part of Oberlin Conservatory's Technology in Music and Related Arts (TIMARA) program. I designed the lights for this installation, which took place in an old, unused locker room shower. Kayla composed an hour and a half of ambient drone music that I based my lighting design on. There were also projections of water being shot onto a tinsel curtain that audience members had to walk through to access the showers. Kayla's intention with this installation was to create an environment that felt like a "womb of sound and color". The lighting cues are slow and subtle, matching the changes in the music. 



by Meggie Jackson

March 2020

Composed and Directed by Meggie Jackson

Teaching Robots to Dance is a ballet composed by Meggie Jackson for her senior recital as part of Oberlin Conservatory's TIMARA program. The ballet follows two children who are magically transported to another dimension filled with robots who can only communicate through pantomime. I designed the lighting for this production, which was held in a multipurpose space in Wilder Hall at Oberlin College. My greatest goal with this design was to effectively create a sense of place. We had minimal scenery and I wanted it to be clear whether a scene was taking place in the normal world or the robot world. I did this by utilizing different color palates for each world and relying primarily on side light for the robot world scenes, creating unnatural shadows.

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